What Is Nymgo VoIP Service


  • Yes. The prices are the same regardless of the country you're calling from. Rates are based on the country you're calling to. For example, if the price to call the USA is 2¢ per minute, you'll be charged 2¢ whether you are calling from the USA, France or any other country. For further information about Nymgo prices check out our complete price list: http://www.nymgo.com/prices/
  • That's easy. Just follow these steps:
    1. Login to the Nymgo softphone using your Nymgo username and password. The softphone is available for download at: http://www.nymgo.com/EN/download/
    2. The dial pad will open automatically when you open the app.
    3. Enter the phone number you wish to dial.
    4. The number should be typed using one of the below formats:
    a. '00' + Country Code + phone number. Example 0012124442222. OR,
    b. '011' + Country Code + phone number. Example 011971501113333. OR,
    c. '+' then Country Code + phone number. Example +15143332222. Please use your keyboard for the '+' sign.
    5. Click on the 'green phone' button.

  • Nymgo allows you to call all fixed and mobile lines in the world. You cannot, however, use Nymgo to call local short numbers (unless you dial using the international number format) or satellite providers. BTW have you checked out our prices for international calls? They're awesome.
  • Check our rates at: http://www.nymgo.com/prices/